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first post

Name: Kristina

Age: 19 (20 in a month!)

Sex: Female

Class of: 2002

A mini-biography: Hmmm - Current starving artist going to SVA (oh the irony), muffin making, soda drinking, fool slapping half white half chinese girl just trying to make it in the big city with an unlimited MetroCard and a box of 4B pencils.

How did/do you find Laguardia (likes, dislikes): Fucking loved it. I loved my classes, the students, the whole environment. Teachers were meh, but the art teachers were pretty good. What always chafed me wrong was when people thought that because I went to art high school I didnt have to take ANY other classes...hello? public school, had to take all state required classes PLUS art classes *foams*. Ok sorry, off track. But no seriously, I loved LaG soo much, and I realized how cool it was when I left it and went to FIT and realized that college was way more high schoolish than LaGuardia ever was.

Who was your favorite teacher(s): You know, I dont care what anyone says but I think Ms. Marks was cool. Oh also Mr. Stehle (he subbed for us once in SP3 and came up to me and my friend, took a thumbtack, held it over his head and said, 'look. look guys, im under a-tack. get it? a-tack. attack. attack??' *sigh* those were the days. Oh and Mr. Boutin. I mean not a favorite in terms of 'golly he was nice' but he had sass. I like that. Also he bumped up my grade 2 years after i had his class after he let me redo an OLD project.

Which teacher(s) did you hate: Ms. Stokes. Her and that fucking neck brace JESUS. Once I heard shed had it in the dryer up in the dance department and went to go make one of my friends fetch it for her. WOULD YOU TOUCH THAT THING?? Didnt think so. Also wasnt a fan of Ms. Blaaat (she talked alot of smack and nonsense...also the fro), Ms. Kenelley (she was a bit whacked), and Mr. Guild. Ugh.

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    so yeah today's my birthday. Sixteen.

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    anyone know who's in charge for the Amnesty International group at school?


    Holy shit, I love the city like this! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

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