October 8th, 2004

abrtact thing

Yep, I'm new

Name: Ayo
Age: 15
Sex: F
Class of: 07
A mini-biography:
I was born in Boston, moved to Italy when I was 2, moved to Philadelphia when I was 3, moved to Germany when I was 7. Then I went to a boarding school (Interlochen Arts Academy) in northern Michigan last year and now I'm here. I'm a VArt major and bilingual in german and english...

How did/do you find Laguardia (likes, dislikes):Um, I've never been to a public/big school before so I'm still sort of overwhelmed by all the students that go here. I think I'm getting used to it, though.

Who was your favorite teacher(s):
I'm still figuring that out. Otherwise it would be John McKaig who taught me how to draw the figure last year
Which teacher(s) did you hate:
I won't say...
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i love this movie!! =], garden state


Name: Katherine
Age: 16
Sex: GiRL.. =]
Class of: 2005!! yeaaa.. lol
A mini-biography: Umm, I live in Queens, I love LaG, I'm a dance major ummmmmm i'm in west side story this year and i dunno what else to write.. but i love lag peoples.. lol
How did/do you find Laguardia (likes, dislikes): I like it, yet dislike some people but for the most part i lovee it
Who was your favorite teacher(s): hmm, in dance Mr.Smith, Ms.Phifer and Ms.Frank.... in academics Dr.Rowes(lol), and hmm who else.. Mr.Smith for science just cause he knows nothin.. lol, i got away with soo much crap in that class... and of course Dean Turner.. lol
Which teacher(s) did you hate: Mr. Barre!!!! errrg, i hate him

thanks every1.. =]  -kat<33